Insulated Panel Products

Introducing a full depth solar reflective factory applied concrete topping.

Tech-Crete SRI® roof panels are self ballasted, solar reflecting insulating panels designed for use in a protected membrane roof (PMR) assembly. In a PMR assembly the membrane must be protected from the primary causes of membrane failure: UV radiation, freeze-thaw cycling, thermal cycling and physical damage. Tech-Crete SRI roof panels offer superior insulation, membrane protection and solar reflectivity in one easy step.

All Of The Benefits of CTI®, Plus Solar Reflectivity...It’s Cool!

  • Designed to minimize the heat island effect of low-sloped roofs and qualify for LEED® SS credit 7.2, Heat Island Effect: Roof

  • Since the white concrete topping maintains its solar reflectivity throughout its entire thickness, there is no reflective coating to maintain or reapply. A simple rinse or light pressure wash will rejuvenate the solar reflectivity

  • Concrete topping is a nominal 3/8” (10 mm) thick latex modified white concrete with a smooth finish. A 1/8” (3 mm) relief score line is cut at 2’ (610 mm) along the 4’ (1220 mm) length